Counter-Strike: Global Offensive uppdatering2012-11-17 12:30

Valve har under kvällen klockan 02:48 skickat ut en ny uppdatering. Denna har vi nu installerat på samtliga servrar.
Ni måste starta om er server för att den nya uppdateringen ska börja gälla!


[ MISC ]
- Eliminated the vignette effect from the scoreboard.
- Scoreboard has been narrowed.
- Smoke grenade visibility on the edges of smokes has been adjusted to obscure vision less.
- Improved some cases of particle sorting between smoke and molotovs and other particle systems.
- Adjusted the loser bonus for Terrorists when time has run out. Surviving Terrorists get no income, but dead teammates receive a normal payout.
- Removed match start and round end info panel animation sfx.