Counter-Strike: Global Offensive uppdatering2014-01-23 23:36

Under morgonen kom det ännu en update till CS:GO, vi har nu spridit ut denna till samtliga servrar. Du behöver starta om din server från kontrollpanelen innan uppdateringen träder i kraft.


Release Notes for 1/23/2014


- Significant improvement to server infrastructure to support growing CS:GO community.


[ UI ]

- Fixed an alt-tab related memory leak

- Added ability for Friends Lister to display two columns of friends.

- Added ability for mouse wheel to scroll Friends Lister.

- Added filtering by item name. Players can enter any part of an item name in the text field to filter their inventory.

- Added ability to sort items when selecting items that will work with a tool.

- Players can no longer initiate a vote kick on the final round or match point.

- The 'bomb has been planted alert' now also states the number of seconds that mp_c4timer is set to.

- The voice chat button in the lobby (microphone) now stores it's state from session to session.

- Fixed remaining cases where Blog would take mouse input when if was obscured.

- Fixed Main Menu bar buttons getting stuck in highlighted state.

- Context menu entries are now divided into categories.

- Open Case UI will auto-select a key in cases where players do not need to choose between different types of keys.

- Fixed cases where players could not rename items in Lobby and Pause menu inventories.

- Inventory images will show the thumbnail for a weapon's sticker.

- Buying helmet when you already have kevlar will now update the health/armor HUD icon element immediately on purchase.

- Fixed the freeze cam panel not always having the killer's weapon item data during demo playback.

- Grenades now show player ownership in their name.

- Fixed some vote panel text getting truncated.

- Fixed the health, armor and ammo HUD elements not showing up sometimes when spectating some players.

- Fixed some alignment issues on the spectator follow panel

- Fixed the weapon image in the spectator panel not having a background.

- Realigned the spectator follow panel a bit.

- The gift drop alert panel has been de-holiday-ified.

- Removed the snow from the main menu background.

- Turned off rope and freeze cam holiday effects.

- Fixed missing Cyrillic characters in chat.

- Fixed HUD disappearing when alt-tabbing or starting another app (like hlmv).



[ MAPS ]



- [Bombsite A]

-- Moved CT van to give more effective cover

-- Made CT van climbable

-- Moved fences to give more space

-- Removed red car

-- Widened door into back of A

-- Blocked visibility from bridge to canal

-- Tweaked position/rotation of truck

-- Made corridors and stairs under A wider


- [Bombsite B]

-- Moved Bombsite B to CT side of pillar, extended area with a platform to give more space and cover

-- Made players in sniping room easier to silhouette against the background

-- Made cement sacks climbable

-- Opened up wall on CT side

-- Made bridge wider


- [General]

-- Moved up CT spawns and pushed T spawns further back

-- Increased C4 radius to 500 from 400

-- Railings in sniper room no longer blocks bullets or grenades

-- Added light to sniper room balcony

-- Made upper door in park connector wider

-- Made park connector easier to navigate

-- Made corridor near T spawn wider

-- Brighter ambient lights in canal pipes

-- Made climbing thing in playground more solid

-- Made bathroom corridor wider

-- Made windows in bathrooms breakable

-- Added spectator fixed camera positions

-- Tweaked soundscape settings

-- Fixed various minor bugs



- Added collision to top of trees

- Added more accurate model collision

- Removed particle effects that could be mistaken for grenades

- Blocked a sightline in battlements near A

- Blocked a hiding hole in underpass near A

- Removed light models near statue at B that could be mistaken for player heads

- Removed a portapotty at back of B

- Raised height of center fence near B

- Fixed various minor bugs