Counter-Strike: Global Offensive uppdatering2014-04-24 10:27

Under morgonen kom det ännu en update till CS:GO, vi har nu spridit ut denna till samtliga servrar. Du behöver starta om din server från kontrollpanelen innan uppdateringen träder i kraft.

Release Notes for 4/23/2014



- The options menu now has a setting for specifying which command will enable the mouse on the scoreboard. The option has a few presets but any command may be set using the convar cl_scoreboard_mouse_enable_binding directly (e.g. 'cl_scoreboard_mouse_enable_binding +jump').

- Fixed uninitialized scorecard for competitive matches being visible.

- Improved lobby performance.

- Added saving of inventory sort and filter dropdowns.

- Fixed chat window scroll bars getting stuck at the top/bottom.

- Fixed scoreboard mouse input when watching gotv.



- Added a new trigger (trigger_bomb_reset) that teleports dropped bombs back to a valid in-play position. This is intended to be used in player-inaccessible areas where a dropped bomb cannot be retrieved.

- Bots no longer see through tools/toolsblock_los func_brushes (npc line-of-sight blockers).

- Bot maximum vision distance can be set per-map by "Bot max vision distance" in info_map_parameters. Default is unlimited.

- Prop doors (prop_door_rotating) that are in the process of opening or closing can be checked to see if they are "Locked" and if so, ignore player +use.



- Mirage

-- Enabled collision on arch corners (Thanks NBK!)

-- Fixed some spots where C4 could get stuck



-- Added bomb teleport trigger to prevent bomb falling out of playable area

-- Closed off dumpster in chokepoint near bombsite B

-- Improved signage

-- Fixed players being able to climb down elevator shaft



- In Official Competitive matchmaking, the initial warmup timer will now start at 5min and reduce to 30s when the last player connects.

- In Official Competitive matchmaking, if any player has not connected by the end of warmup, they will receive an abandon and the match will be aborted.

- Fixed vote accounting in cases when players disconnect while the vote is in progress.

- Fixed a bug related to purchasing armor.

- Fixed smoke grenades popping again when thrown into more than one molotov fire in a row.

- Smoke volumes are now more consistently shaped with the particles more evenly distributed. The overall shape is now round and no longer square.

- Increased minimum distance from the center of a smoke grenade volume in which a player's view will be completely obscured by smoked.

- Fixed some "micro hitches" related to picking up weapons with custom finishes and new players joining a game.

- Fixed several potential crashes.

- Fixed some Coach bugs

-- Fixed radar and overview maps for coaches not behaving like players.

-- Fixed scoreboard item status for coaches not behaving like players.

- Added support for concommand spec_player_by_name for in-game spectators.

- Improved Official Competitive matchmaking scheduler to support more than 65,535 users playing competitive matches concurrently.

- Default USP, M4A1-S, and CZ-75 Auto weapons that are on the ground will show the correct names in "swap for" message.

- Decoy grenades now work properly for the USP-S, M4A1-S, and CZ75 Auto.

- Steam accounts that have never played CS:GO can now purchase and receive CS:GO inventory items via Steam Trading.