Counter-Strike: Global Offensive uppdatering2014-09-03 13:03

Under natten kom det ännu en update till CS:GO, vi har nu spridit ut denna till samtliga servrar. Du behöver starta om din server från kontrollpanelen innan uppdateringen träder i kraft.

CSGO is now live. 

Release Notes for 9/2/2014


• The CZ75-Auto has been moved from the P250 slot to the Tec9/Five-seveN slot and its price has been raised to $500.

• Flashbang blast and HE grenade explosion damage now travels through water volumes (thanks starix)

• Buy time in official competitive config has been reduced to 20 seconds.

• Teamkill money penalty in official competitive config has been changed to -$300.


• Cobblestone

• Added T spawns to lower position, prioritized them over battlement spawns

• Added ladder from bottom of T spawn to battlement near T sniper tower

• Neutralized corner when moving through archhouse on B upper catwalk

• Neutralized corner when entering B site through connector

• Moved back CT spawns

• Tightened entrance corridor to Long A, T side

• Reduced depth of CT sniper room and made windows more open

• Reconfigured B tunnels for faster T rotation time

• Added path from T side of underpass into B tunnels

• Reduced sightlines from back of B to entrances

• Lowered railing at back of B to make characters on platform easier to spot

• Cut out area behind the toilet in back of B

• Minor lighting/texturing changes at A for better visibility

• Rotated window overlooking connector

• Dust2

• Expanded bomb plant zone at Bombsite A to include outside of boxes

• Smoothed out collision on door to Bombsite B